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basGuidance for visitors - November 2020

To keep our patients, visitors and staff safe - and to limit the spread of COVID-19 - we have had to restrict the number of people allowed on to our hospital sites.

We know that it’s hugely important for patients to see their loved ones while they are in hospital, so have done all we can to support people to keep in contact while keeping them as safe as possible.

The information below sets out what visiting is allowed in each area, although there may be variations in certain circumstances to ensure everyone’s safety. Our staff will keep you informed.

Importantly, it should always be the same visitors – so not multiple friends and family on different days. Unfortunately children are not allowed to visit, and all visitors will have to wear a mask or face covering at all times. If you don’t have one, we will provide one for you.

We really appreciate the support of our patients, visitors and community as our staff continue to work hard to care for everyone who needs us.

General ward areas:

One visitor a day for one hour. There will be two sessions: 3-4pm and 5.30-6.30pm. Patients and visitors will be informed about their allocated time.
Unfortunately visitors are not allowed on our COVID-19 wards, so our staff will keep the patients’ next of kin fully updated about their condition.

Surgical wards/Green Zone:

As patients who have had surgery are more susceptible to COVID-19 we cannot allow visitors in these areas.

End of Life Care:

Where patients are nearing the end of their life, two visitors can be with them at any time.

Critical Care:

In our non-COVID critical care units, two visitors will be allowed and times will be agreed with staff in advance.
Unfortunately visitors will not be allowed in our COVID critical care areas, but our staff will keep the patient’s next of kin fully updated.


One parent or carer can be with their child at any time and they are allowed to stay overnight.

Neonatal ICU:

Parents or carers will be allocated three hour slots on a rota basis. Our staff will keep you fully informed.


A birthing partner can be with you for labour and delivery.

Update for attendance in early Labour - November 2020

As you may be aware, within our maternity service at Basildon Hospital we have had to make some changes to keep people safe and protected from coronavirus. This includes restricting the number of people who can come to our hospitals and clinics. We know how hard this has been for families and thank you all for supporting us to keep everyone as safe as we can.

We are now in a position to review some of these restrictions in line with the increased knowledge available and are pleased to be able to inform you that we can now reintroduce a partner/supporter accompanying you when you come in to be assessed to see if you are in labour.

Depending on capacity in the waiting area at the time of your arrival, your partner/supporter may be asked to wait outside of the ward area until you are called in for assessment. If following assessment, you are in labour, your partner/supporter can then accompany you to the birthing ward.

When you and your partner/supporter come to the Basildon maternity unit, please see the security guard who will direct you to the Triage ward on level D. When you get there, please can your partner/supporter wait outside the department whilst you book in at reception.

You will both have to follow Trust’s PPE guidance - wash and sanitise hands, wear a face mask which will be provided (visors available if mask exempt), adhere to two-metre social distancing with other patients, staff and visitors where possible.

Please note that children are not currently able to come to the department.

Again, we thank you for being patient, and do understand how difficult this situation is for everyone.

Visiting times:

Labour Ward/Birthing Unit

  • Women admitted to labour ward/Midwifery Led Birthing Unit to have one birth partner accompanying for assessment. To remain with woman during birth.
  • Women admitted to Labour Ward for reasons outside of Labour can have one person with them during admission.


  • Women coming in for Induction of Labour (IOL) to have a birth partner attend for start of IOL procedure and then return home to be called back if women is transferred to Labour Ward or if contracting and needs support during this time.

  • Visiting on Anti Natal ward for all inpatients to be commenced 2hrs in the afternoon/evening. Staggered times arranged per bed number.

  • Only one visitor each session and this need to be a consistent visitor. Same visiting applied to Anti natal patients who remain on Labour ward.

  • Partners accompanying for scans to continue as currently in place.


  • Visiting to be increased from 1hr in the afternoon/evening to 2hrs. Staggered times depending on bed numbers.

  •  Same visiting applied to Post Natal patients who remain on Labour ward.

All visitors to have details taken and temp checks on arrival and to wear face masks unless in a delivery room.

Maternity ultrasound:

From Monday 23 November, one person can accompany you, but care must be taken to maintain social distancing in waiting areas.

Emergency Department and Assessment Units:

This will be looked at on a case by case basis so we can maintain social distancing in the unit while supporting those who are particularly vulnerable or unwell.


Patients should come in on their own unless they need assistance and/or have been asked to bring someone with them.

Important information about coronavirus (COVID-19)

The latest information for the public can be found on the NHS website:

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