At Basildon and Thurrock University NHS Foundation Trust we are committed to supporting all patients. We serve a diverse community and our services reflect this.

We know that coming to the hospital can be a worrying time for anyone. People with learning disabilities and their carers may need extra information and support to make their hospital experience better.

We want to improve our services for patients with learning disabilities and have a liaison nurse for people with a learning disability who supports patients, carers and the Trust to ensure that people with a learning disability get the best care. 

Learning Disability - Covid-19

Please click the file below to download your hospital summary.You will need this along with your hospital passport if you need to come into hospital.

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Learning disabilities liaison nurse

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David Landy is the lead nurse, adult safeguarding and learning disabilities

Contact: 01268 524900 ext 3249

Referrals can be made by the patient or anyone who is involved in their care.

David can help:

Care Plan Prepare you for coming into hospital for your appointment, treatment or your stay in hospital.
Make sure you have the right information Make sure you have the right information you need about any care, treatment and tests you may have in hospital.
Carers and relatives Make sure you, your relatives and carers know what is happening to you.
Supporting you when you are in hospital Support you when you are in hospital and help plan for you to go home again.

Help us to make your time in hospital better.


Hospital passport - have you got yours?

Bring your hospital passport to give staff important information about you and your health.

Download the passport here:


Sepsis is very dangerous and can be difficult to detect, but if you can learn to spot the signs and act quickly, you can save a life.

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Download a factsheet that explains what to look for and what to do about sepsis