Bethany Hambelton and teacher cropped for web

Picture: Bethany Hambelton (left), Sally-Ann Elkington (right)

Bethany Hambelton, patient on the children’s ward at Basildon Hospital, has won the prestigious Jack Petchey Foundation’s Achievement Award (student level) for her determination and positive and pleasant attitude..

The Jack Petchey Foundation funds the Achievement Award. It’s a peer recognition scheme operating in grass roots youth clubs, youth organisations, secondary schools and uniformed organisations. The award winners get £250 which they must spend for the benefit of their club or school.
Children’s support service teacher, Sally-Ann Elkington, nominated Bethany for the award because despite being unwell she works tremendously hard at her maths, english and science GCSEs on the ward and at home. She’s always kind, generous and ready to support and help other children when in hospital.
Education at Basildon Hospital is provided by the Children’s Support Service, who get funding from Essex County Council.  The team work with students from reception to year 11 who are unable to attend school for a period of time, due to medical reasons. 
Sally-Ann Elkington, said:
“Bethany is taught at home by a visiting tutor as she is not well enough to attend school.  When she visits Puffin or Wagtail ward she attends the school room here.  By winning the award Bethany represents every young person that faces day-to-day challenges with a smile. ” 
Bethany is using her award to provide therapeutic art and small sensory equipment for the paediatric unit at the hospital.