Our values are safe  caring  excellent.

We deliver our values by working together with our patients, each other and our healthcare partners.

Our values shape how we go about our day-to-day business and are at the core of everything we do.

You can watch a video about our values here (click to view)

Values video frame

Working together for a safe, caring and excellent Trust will be the basis for our interactions with patients, carers and each other.

Why values matter

As individuals, we all hold values that guide how we live and what we do. In a large organisation that provides essential services to thousands of people, having shared values helps us remember who we work for, what is most important and how we should behave in our working lives.

How we chose our values

We asked our patients, visitors and staff to describe the values and behaviours they would love to see, expect to see and not want to see in our hospitals.

In surveys and face-to-face conversations, you told us what you thought.

The result is our new values and the behaviours that will make them meaningful for our staff and the people who use our services.



Dr Jason Dungu

Dr Jason Dungu, consultant cardiologist:
“When patients come to hospital they expect us to take good care of them – their safety has to be our number one priority.”

together we will make the safety of patients and staff our priority by:

  • listening, learning and responding

  • being open and transparent

  • following best practice

caringAmy Osborne

Amy Osborne, healthcare assistant:
“To do this job you need to be a caring person and have a lot of patience. You may sit for an hour and help someone eat and if that’s what they need, that’s what you should do.”

together we will care for our patients and each other by:

  • showing compassion and kindness

  • respecting and valuing individuals

  • being polite, friendly and welcoming



Ying Allington

 Ying Allington, renal lead nurse:
By working as a team, supporting patients to be involved in their treatment and finding new ways of working, we can keep improving the quality of our care.”

together we will strive to be outstanding by:

  • working effectively with health and social care partners

  • encouraging innovation and teamwork

  • involving our staff, patients and carers

Our staff will be appraised and recruited according to our values and the behaviours that underpin them. Read more ...


What you said:

 Patients, staff and visitors gave over 1,000 feedback statements. These comments reflect views that were expressed most often:

  • Safe staffing levels

  • Don’t use mobile phones when caring for patients

  • Don’t say ‘it’s not my job’

  • Ensure environment is kept clean and tidy

  • Smile, need to see happy faces

  • Kind, warm welcome

  • Address patients appropriately as they prefer

  • Treat everyone as individuals

  • Introduce yourself to patient/relative and involve them in processes and discussions about care

  • Communicate between departments and keep patient informed

  • Make best use of technology

  • Be responsible and accountable for your actions and learn from mistakes


Our vision sets out the Trust’s aspirations:

To be an excellent provider of high quality, safe, care for our community

Our objectives set out our strategic plans which will help turn the vision into a reality

  • high quality care 24/7

  •  excellent staff

  • best value

  • community services

  • more planned care

  • joint working

Find out more about our objectives here.