Information about the Mid and South Essex Success Regime is available from the Success Regime website at:

In 2014, the NHS published a document called the NHS Five Year Forward View which set out a new vision for the future of the NHS based around new ways of providing care.
The national Success Regime initiative was introduced to support NHS areas with deep-rooted and persistent pressures, where financial deficits and service shortfalls create serious challenges for health and care in the future.
The Mid and South Essex Success Regime started in September 2015 with a review of the pressures on the local health and care system. On 1 March 2016, it published a proposed plan to tackle the top priorities for system change that would:

  • Ensure the highest quality health and care to meet the growing demands of the population of mid and south Essex
  • Tackle the gaps in clinical staffing across all health and social care
  • Enable the system to achieve sustainable financial balance

The development of the plan continues in two main parts, each with several workstreams:

  • Local Health and Care – to build up services in the community
  • In hospital – to reconfigure and redesign hospital services across three sites

The changes will be led by local clinicians, supported by managers, with the involvement of partner organisations and local people.

More information about the Mid and South Essex Success Regime is available from the Success Regime website at:


Reports of the East of England Clinical Senate – published 23 January 2017

The East of England Clinical Senate is an assembly of multi-professional experts from health and care and patient and citizen representatives. Its role is to provide independent, strategic advice and guidance to healthcare planning. The Clinical Senate reviewed the emerging plans for mid and south Essex hospital service changes in June and October of 2016. The findings and recommendations from these reviews is now available on the Success Regime website at:


Local sustainability and transformation plan

All health and care areas across the country must publish a sustainability and transformation plan (STP). The STP explains potential changes to local services over the next five years and the steps to achieve them. It is the overall strategic plan, covering all aspects of health and care from prevention to specialist services. In Essex this includes some strategies that are Essex-wide, such as for mental health and learning disabilities.

NHS England has published an online animation explaining how and why STP proposals are trying to improve health and care for patients. You can watch it here 

For mid and south Essex, the Success Regime plan is the major part of the STP. It concentrates on the top priority and critical changes. The plan is not yet final. People are invited to have their say over the next few months before the plan is finalised in 2017. Any proposed major service changes are subject to further national checks and formal public consultation in 2017 before any final decision.
Further information on the STP is available from the Success Regime website at: